Are You Buying a Commercial Property?

Arrange for a commercial property inspection in Pittsburgh, PA

Buying the wrong property for your business can affect your bottom line. Hidden problems will cut into your profits and disrupt your business operations. Turn to AM Inspection Services, LLC when you need a commercial property inspection. We'll make sure everything looks good before you invest in a new building.

If you're selling a commercial property, getting an inspection will help you find buyers faster. Call 412-508-5960 now to speak with a commercial inspector in Pittsburgh, PA.

Protect yourself from making a bad investment

Before buying any type of commercial property in Pittsburgh, PA, it's important to have a comprehensive inspection to ensure that it's as safe and well-maintained as the sellers claim. Your commercial inspector will examine the...

  • Fire escape
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Sewer system

We also offer air quality testing and will inspect your walkways. Schedule a commercial property inspection today.